Sponsored Child

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Since 2012 the children of Holbeach have been raising money to sponsor a little girl in Africa. The decision to do this was made by the school council who then researched the alternative charities that offer this kind of services. In the end they agreed to use an organisation called ‘Plan’, who arranged for us to sponsor Liliane Madam and her family.

So far, the children have raised money for Liliane through cake sales, football tournaments, raffles and much more. If you have any ideas for how they can raise more money speak to your school council representative today!

Fact File

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Date of birth: 7th April 2008

Gender: Female

Language: Maka

Country: Cameroon

Religion : Christian

Area : Bertoua

Liliane’s family

Father: Jules, born in 1987, a peasant farmer

Mother: Annette, born in 1992, a peasant farmer

Brother: Francois, born in 2010, a peasant farmer

Grandmother: Valerie born in 1962, a peasant farmer

In addition there are other relatives living with Liliane and are considered family members in local culture.

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Liliane’s family lives in a house made of brick with a metal roof and an earth floor. The family uses wood for cooking.


Liliane attends a nursery school, it takes 30minutes to reach school.


Liliane has completed all basic vaccinations. According to the family, Liliane has been healthy and not suffered from any serious illness.

Access to:

  • Water: The family obtains water all year round from a borehole, collection takes up to 5 minutes.
  • Latrine: The family uses a pit latrine.
  • Health Facility: The nearest health facility is about 30 minutes away.